Queen B. Productions

A Company For the Artists, By the Artists

We believe that great stories from, and of, all walks should be told...

Since the age of 3, our founder Amyana Bartley, has been inspired by film. Film has the capability to lift us, move us closer and give us hope. It can teach us all about one another in a safe, yet all encompassing space. It can challenge us to be better and do better.

Yet mainstream films are doing the opposite. They show us stories slanted towards only one gender and one race. They minimize and stereotype women and people of color onscreen, and exclude them from positions of power behind the screen. They epitomize the greed and apathy that they put out in films, while closing the door of opportunity to new, exciting artists and ideas.

We believe we can change all of that by becoming the production company we seek. 

Film should be held to the highest standard and we aim to exceed that standard. All of our films are based on strong scripts that send a clear message. Whether it's a documentary or  big budget Fantasy epic, Queen B. Productions' same quality standards apply to everything we create or support. If we don't believe in it, we won't put our name on it.  It's that simple.